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"After those time flashes, after Black... I can't explain it... I don't feel afraid anymore. I know I can be brave, no matter what it costs, for the people I care about."
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Jonathan Kent is the charmed child of Clark Kent and Lois Lane. Born during the Convergence event, when Superman lost his powers, Jon was conceived and hidden from the world. As their original world collapsed, Jon and his family found themselves in an alternate reality. With a different Batman and their own Superman and Lois Lane. For years, they hid secretly until their Lois and Superman passed away. Through a strange turn of events, Jonathan's father became Superman once more. And Jonathan slowly became Superboy.

DETERMINATION: Like his father before him, Jonathan takes pride in being forthright and bold. There have been plenty of times when Jonathan has been scared, unsure of what to do and struggled with dealing the larger-than-life situations that get handed to him at a moment’s notice. But he has never faltered in taking action and doing what was needed to protect those around him, even when he may not have all the answers.

THOUGHTFUL: It’s strange for a boy his age to call his father “sir” but that’s what Jonathan does. He idolizes his father and looks up to him and treats his mother with respect. And it’s not simply relegated to his parents. Jonathan restrains himself from acting out of anger or pride whenever bullies trouble him and his friends. And all his promises, he upholds with the strictest of adherence.

SENSE OF JUSTICE: This might go without saying, but Jonathan has been raised with a strong sense of right and wrong. He sticks up for the underdog and doesn’t let himself get pushed around just because the alternative is easier. Even with his parents and other heroes, Jonathan is willing to protest and argue the point.

INSECURITY: With his powers constantly fluctuating, Jonathan constantly feels like he doesn’t quite measure up to be a hero, much less step into his father’s footsteps. The first time his powers truly worked, he accidentally killed his mother’s cat and found himself starting to live a lie, hiding his powers. Jonathan is still trying to understand what the S means for him personally, even though he has accepted the mantle of Superboy. So far, he keeps these concerns buried deep, reluctant to show them to anyone, even his parents.

GUILT: With the incident of his mother’s cat, Jonathan tends to spiral when he makes a mistake. Knowing that the other heroes like Batman and Wonder Woman see him as a potential threat to the world, Jonathan tends to belittle and linger on past mistakes as he works out his own identity. His parents thankfully do not leave him alone in this, but it is a factor whenever Jon steps out into the world on his own two feet.

CHILDISHNESS: For all of Jon’s grown-up aspects that he applies diligently, he is still very young and prone to acting out. He can talk back, start a fight and even break rules every now and then. It’s not something he’s prone to doing. Sometimes, you just have to punch a Robin when he’s being rude.

Invulnerability: Because he is half Kryptonian, Jon has recently demonstrated an invulnerability to the heat of a fire. However, due to his young age, his invulnerability is inconsistent, as he can get a scraped knee and a concussion.

Superhuman Strength: As a result of his half Kryptonian lineage, Jon has the strength to at the very least break free from ropes. He was able to stun a large, flying dinosaur with a single punch. Flight: Jon's ability to defy Earth's gravity is just emerging. He has been shown to at least be able to hover several feet off the ground, though he has stated that he can't fly like his father yet.
X-Ray Vision: Jon possesses the ability to see through solid objects.

Heat Vision: His heat vision is powerful enough to singe even his father's skin.

Telescopic Vision: Jon is able to see objects from great distances. He was able to focus on the Cosmos One Space Station in orbit.

Superhuman Speed: Jon has demonstrated the ability to run fast, surprising even his father who did not expect him to have that ability at such a young age.

Super-Breath: Jon is able to project his voice at a high decibel level, which is strong enough to shatter all the windows in his home.He later develops the ability to project freezing cold blasts to create considerable amounts of ice.

Superhuman Hearing: Jon first displayed this power to listen in on the conversation between his father, Batman and Wonder Woman.

Genius Level Intellect: Jon can calculate complex equations in a short amount of time.

Heavy Machinery Operation: Superman has taught Jon how to drive the family tractor at their home, and apparently Jon can also drive a semi-truck.
CANONPOINT: Post Superman #20
AGE: 10-11 years
HEIGHT: Taller than Damian
HAIR: Black
EYES: Blue
OCCUPATION: Superhero kid in training
RESIDENCE: Hamilton County

4TH-WALLING: Y. EDIT - in case of having a cast, please discuss it with us first.
INJURY: Ask first

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